National Children’s Dental Health Month

As many of you probably do not know, February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.  Promoting and spreading awareness about children’s dental health issues is essential!  Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in America, affecting 50% of first graders and 80% of 17 year olds.  Left untreated, tooth decay and disease can affect a child’s health, well-being, growth and achievement.  [1]


Therefore, there is no better time to provide you all with some fun oral care tips to engage their kids and kick off a lifetime of healthy smiles.


Here are some National Children’s Dental Health Month tips:


  • Imitation is flattering and healthy:  Don’t nag, don’t tell….show!  Kids love to imitate adults, so let them see you brush your teeth, early and often!


  • Make tooth brushing fun, not work:  Provide a fun and colorful toothbrush that distracts from the boredom associated with brushing.  Let kids choose a new toothbrush every three months (when the bristles get worn out).


  • Encourage kids to eat a healthy breakfast:  This not only fuels the body and brain for the day, but also cuts down the urge for sweet, sugary and cavity-causing pick-me-ups.


  • Floss is the boss of young teeth:  Early to bed, early to rise, early to floss = healthy and wise!  Flavored and colored flosses, or floss “picks” that are easy to maneuver are good ways for kids to start.


  • Baby those baby teeth:  Don’t forget the youngest member of the family.  Dentists say that parents should begin brushing baby’s teeth the moment the first tooth erupts.  It’s never too early to get her used to a good habit.


Don’t forget to take care of all those baby teeth of the ones you love oh-so-much!


- Ms. Smile Chatter

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